Made to Measure Curtains from M&S

A labour of love ….. and an example of lean start up and agile development which paid for itself within a week of launch in Nov 2016.

M&S has had a Made to Measure curtains service for many years but it was not available online. The fundamental missing capability was to be able to price a product depending on a number of inputs from the customer e.g. width, drop, lining etc etc. To build a “product-builder” capability within IBM WCS is a big job.

Determined to prove the business case for the integrated development I built this proof of concept microsite in my own time to help M&S determine the likely commercial upside of a web-enabled service before investing any significant sums of money.

The solution includes a quick-order capability for stores and call centre advisors to use as well as the ability for customers to place orders themselves.

The site went live to customers in mid-Nov 2016. It paid for itself in under a week..