Marks and Spencer US

Having created a number of localised sites on Demandware it was clear that the ROI of rolling out to further countries would be held back by the cost of creating SAP price files and financial reporting hierarchies. And these would only become more complicated and expensive as we moved outside of the EU due to taxation.

Very early in our international roll-out we were looking for a solution such as most big US retailers were able to use such as BorderFree. Unfortunately they had yet to expand into Europe and so we bided our time until a solution became available.

Enter Global-e, a tech company offering broadly the same services that BorderFree were doing in the US but localised to account for EU complications.

Using their tech and fulfilment services we were able to build one Demandware instance that could offering localised pricing, delivery and payment solutions. This made a big difference to our US customers who can now have their goods delivered duty paid within 3-5 days. No more hold ups at customs or unexpected import fees.

Our localised offerings in Australia, Canada and New Zealand are driven by the same Demandware / Global-e instance.